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School Life

Where quality education is a blend of academic depth and creative exploration.


Crafting a Dynamic Learning Journey

Uma Public School prioritizes innovative teaching methods, a diverse curriculum, and practical learning applications. With a focus on quality education, it cultivates a balanced environment fostering creativity, critical thinking, and responsible citizenship.

Innovative Teaching-Learning Methods

Shifting away from rote learning towards dynamic, engaging methodologies that foster deeper understanding.

Enriched Curriculum Beyond Textbooks

Embracing a curriculum that surpasses conventional textbooks, offering diverse, real-world connections.

Real-Life Application of Knowledge

Creating opportunities for students to bridge classroom learning with practical applications in daily life.

Balanced Academic Rigor and Creativity

Balancing challenging academic experiences with creative opportunities to nurture well-rounded individuals.

Flexible and Integrated Assessments

Transforming examinations to be more adaptable and seamlessly integrated into classroom learning.

Fostering Citizenship and Compassion

Cultivating a classroom environment that instills values of equality, compassion, and responsible citizenship among students.

Beyond the Field

Championing Excellence in Sportsmanship

Uma Public School is dedicated not only to academic excellence but also to holistic student development through sports. Our sports facility is comprehensive and well-maintained, reflecting our commitment to athletic prowess. We boast a cricket and shooting academy led by professional coaches, including mentorship by national cricketer Jasreet Singh. With the largest shooting range in Delhi NCR, our facilities rival military standards. Additionally, our dedicated stable and race course offer horse riding lessons under the guidance of expert trainers and with top-quality horses.

Our sports curriculum spans various disciplines, including cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, hockey, tennis, skating, athletics, kabaddi, shooting, wrestling, and martial arts. Despite our exceptional infrastructure, our fees remain competitive. Situated away from the highly polluted urban areas of Delhi NCR, our school enjoys a pristine, green environment, providing an ideal setting for sports and overall student well-being.

Teaching Transformed

Nurturing Growth-Oriented Educators

At Uma Public School, we foster a culture of continuous learning that extends to the professional and personal growth of our educators. This approach not only enriches our staff but also propels the school towards becoming a dynamic learning organization. We firmly believe that a teacher’s professional development is a self-driven journey of personal evolution.

Our philosophy revolves around integrating learning opportunities within our system, processes, and overall organizational culture. In line with this, Uma Public School in Greater Noida has identified three essential facets of knowledge associated with teachers’ learning:

Knowledge for Practice

This includes formal knowledge sourced from external experts and resource persons, enriching our educators’ understanding.

Knowledge of Practice

Teachers engage in critical examination of their own classrooms, generating insights and learning from their direct experiences.

Knowledge in Practice

This pertains to practical knowledge cultivated through systematic application and implementation within their teaching environments.

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